Learn the secret tricks of Google Analytics

We make no secret of how we keep the AATowers fridge stocked: We find great deals on things you might like, some of you like them, you buy them, and we get a little kick-back. It’s win-win.

What might not be so obvious to the uninitiated is how we know which products you respond to and which you don’t. Well, apart from being a bit on the nerdy side ourselves, we take a look at how you react to our site. We do this through analytics.

Maximize the potential of your site

If you want to understand your audience and drive sales better, The Google Analytics Masterclass can teach you the secrets of success.

The best way to understand your customer base is by analyzing trends, conversion, traffic, and other such metrics. With a strong grasp of Google Analytics, you’ll be perfectly placed to maximize the potential of your site.

The masterclass in a nutshell:

  • Access 7 comprehensive modules 24/7
  • Learn to measure sales & conversion
  • Understand basic features like the Google Analytics dashboard, shortcuts, alerts & standard reports
  • Get the low down on various report types, from traffic acquisitions to site search reports
  • Learn how an audience engages with any site & how they arrive there
  • Discover how to track conversion
  • Rewind, repeat or fast-forward lectures to learn at your pace

Is it worth the retail price of $334? Hard to say. But it’s on our deal wall today because there’s a 94% price drop. For the next few days you can sign up for just $19. It can’t be a bad investment at that price.

Improve your sales (yes…and ours) by hitting the button below.

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