Alleged Pixel 4 XL white and black colorways show up in comparative images


We’re a few hours away from the launch of the new iPhones, but it’s raining Pixel 4 leaks right now. So much so, that we’re not sure if Google will have any surprises left up its sleeve for the October launch event.

This time around, in-hand images of the alleged Pixel 4 XL in both white and black colorways have leaked online. The pictures have been making the rounds on Reddit, and you can also see all the leaked images in the linked imgur post here.

What you see are two Pixel 4 XL units, or at least that’s what the leaker claims. The phones in question have a large display (so possibly the XL variant) and resemble previous leaks of the Pixel 4 series. We recently came across apparent images of the Pixel 4 in a new “Coral” orange hue. This new leak of the white and black variants shows off the contrasting looks of the two colorways.

We can see that the white Pixel 4 XL variant is less shiny compared to the glossy black variant. The dual-tone back from the Pixel 3 is missing from both colorways. Black colored top and bottom bezels can also be seen on the front of the devices, skipping the polarising notch.

Google Pixel 4 XL white and black leak frontimgur

Both the white and black versions of the phone have a lighter colored power button on the right edge. Speaking of, the frame of the white Pixel 4 XL appears to be black in color, but that could just be the lighting in the image playing tricks.

The square camera bump is a big, black blotch on the back. We also saw the same color scheme for the camera bump in the leaked “Coral” variant of the phone.

There’s nothing truly different here compared to what we’ve seen in the past. Except, probably the way the black Pixel 4 colorway shines in comparison to the more matte-like white. The leaked images are also better quality than most others circulating on the web.

We’re sure the next few days will cough up some more Pixel 4 leaks. Stay tuned to our Pixel 4 rumour hub to catch up with all the latest news about Google’s upcoming flagship series.

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