Badland Brawl is a Clash Royale-style brawler from venerable Frogmind

The original Badland mobile game was a smash hit both critically and commercially. Now, the original game studio which created Badland — the Finnish company Frogmind — is releasing Badland Brawl, a Clash Royale-style brawler set in the same universe as Badland.

The original Badland game was pretty much a standard platformer, albeit with some incredibly intuitive controls and beautiful artwork. Badland Brawl is a wholly different experience, trading in the platform mechanics for brawler mechanics made popular by the aforementioned Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, etc.

Editor’s Pick

But that awesome artwork is still here, with your clones and other characters rendered in a cute, colorful style.

As with most free-to-play Android games, Badland Brawl relies on in-app purchases for its business model. This — combined with the fact that this is essentially Clash Royale but with a Badland art overhaul — could make you uninterested in the game. But if this is your thing, it’s worth checking out!

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