Become an in-demand Hadoop engineer today

There’s data, then there’s Very Big Data.

For the latter, conventional analysis methods just won’t cut it. The corporations need specialist engineers with specialist training. For these services, they pay specialist salaries.

These skills can be learnt, but training in such expertise is obviously expensive in person. Fortunately online courses can be sold thousands of times, and therefore be brought to students at a much reduced rate.

Data Scientists in the U.S. command a median base salary of $110,000. (Source:

The Very Big Data & Apache Hadoop Training Bundle is the perfect example.

This five-star series of 10 masterclasses is a step-by-step guide to harnessing the huge processing power of the Hadoop software framework. Even as a complete beginner in Big Data, you’ll be introduced to the concepts of Hadoop, Apache, Hive, MapReduce and many more powerful data handling tools.

You’ll then progress to master them by applying them to real-world data analytics problems.


Here’s the full Hadoop lineup:

  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #1) – Big Data & Hadoop Beginners Training – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #2) – Secondary Sorting, Joins & Combiners – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #3) – Real World Examples of Data Analysis in Hadoop – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #4) – Hive – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #5) – Apache Pig – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – MapReduce – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – Up & Running with Apache Pig – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – Beginner Hadoop & HDFS Basics – $300 Value
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – Apache YARN – $300 Value
  • Apache Mahout – Machine Learning with Mahout Training – $300 Value

In one of the biggest discounts we’ve found this year, the combined $3,000 value of all these learning kits has been temporarily slashed by 99%. Right now you can get the entire bundle for just $29.

With around 30 hours of Hadoop training on your resume, you’ll be sure to raise quite a few HR eyebrows.

What are you waiting for? This offer expires soon so don’t miss out, join over 700 people who have already enrolled. Hit the button below to find the deal.

Show me Hadoop!

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