Best PC power supply 2019: top PSUs for your PC

When building a new PC, the best PC power supply should top your shopping list. Sure, it’s not as sexy as looking for the best graphics card but your computer and all its components can’t function correctly without the proper amount of power. Even if you might need to compromise a little bit on the best processors, don’t cheap out on the best power supply.

With that said, the best PC power supply shouldn’t have to break the bank. Maybe you’re trying to put together a budget PC or have a limited budget. You can still find a great power supply. Sure, you can go all out for the best power supply, complete with RGB lighting and enough juice for the whole neighborhood. Or to power one of the best gaming PCs with two RTX 2080 Tis in SLI. Whatever you’re looking for, whatever the power supply means to you, you’ll find something here.

You want to find the best PC power supply from the start. Replacing one later can be a pain and you probably won’t know your power supply is dying until it’s too late. The symptoms can range from something as mild as lost power efficiency to having your PC turn into a flaming inferno. Take a look at our selections for the best PC power supply to find the best one for you. 

Now that the holiday season is here, you might find deals for the best power supply, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner.

Best PC power supply at a glance:

  1. Corsair RM750x – best power supply
  2. Corsair RM750x – best power supply
  3. be quiet! Straight Power 10 – best silent power supply
  4. Silverstone SFX Series SST-SX550 – best compact power supply
  5. Corsair AX1500i – best high capacity power supply
  6. NZXT E650 – best modular power supply
  7. Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W – best RGB Power Supply

Corsair RM750x is the most well-rounded power supply you can buy today. (Image Credit: Corsair)

The Corsair RM750x scores the top spot on this list for one simple reason: it’s the most well-rounded power supply you can buy today. On top of a 10 year warranty and an 80 Gold Plus efficiency rating, the Corsair has a fully modular cable system. This means you only need to install the cables you need – you can say goodbye to the mess of cables and shoddy airflow that non-modular PSUs endure. 

An economical power supply like the EVGA 500 B1 may be right up your alley. (Image Credit: EVGA)

If you’re on the market for an affordable power supply that doesn’t cut too many corners, there aren’t a lot of options right now. So, an economical power supply like the EVGA 500 B1 may be right up your alley. For less than the price of a new game, you’ll get a full 500 watts of power transmitted through several SATA cables and two PCIe cables. This is hands down one of the best power supplies because it covers the bare essentials and nothing more, which is exactly what a budget PC component needs to do. The three year warranty is a nice touch, as well. 

  • This product is only available in the US and UK at the time of this writing. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Corsair RM750x 

be quiet! Straight Power 10 runs nice and quiet. (Image Credit: be quiet!)

Even the best PSUs seem to have extremely loud fans, and unlike case fans, it’s not exactly easy to replace them. Luckily, the Straight Power 10 line-up runs nice and quiet. Options range from 400w to 700w, and they’re SLI and Crossfire certified. They’re also modular, meaning you only need to use the cables that are necessary for your build.  

Silverstone SFX SST SX550 is a compact power supply that fits in plenty of cases. (Image Credit: SilverStone)

The best PC power supplies unfortunately tend to be giant hunks of metal that don’t fit into smaller PC cases. However, the Silverstone SFX SST SX550 is a compact power supply that fits in plenty of cases. It’s half the size of most of the other PSUs on this list, allowing for more room for better airflow. This makes it an easy pick for anyone building a mini ITX or micro ATX build, and you can even slide it into a mid- or full-tower, if you feel like it. And, with small form-factor PCs being all the rage in 2018 – it’s easy to see why the Silverstone SFX is one of the best PC power supplies.

Corsair AX1500i can power an absolute behemoth of a rig. (Image Credit: Corsair)

If you’re a serious builder that plans on building an absolute behemoth of a rig, with multiple graphics cards, cooling systems on top of some healthy overclocking, the Corsair AX1500i is the best PC power supply for you. It has the highest possible 80 Plus Titanium efficiency rating, and is fully modular, so you only need to add the cables your build actually requires. 

NZXT E650 is a fully modular power supply. (Image Credit: NZXT)

If you’re really trying to maximise the visual appeal of your build, a modular power supply is almost essential – you can avoid all of those messy looking wires cluttering up your case. The NZXT E650 takes things a step further. Not only is it a fully modular power supply, meaning you only need to connect the wires you actually need, but it’s also extremely attractive itself, begging to be shown off in your case. This is all topped off with an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating and a 10-year warranty – not only will it look good, but it’ll deliver power efficiently and last forever while it does it. 

Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W features a reliable 80 Plus efficiency rating. (Image Credit: Thermaltake)

In 2018, if your PC isn’t strapped to the nines with RGB lighting, you’re not trying hard enough. Enter the Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W – not only does it have beautiful, addressable RGB lighting, but it also features a reliable 80 Plus efficiency rating and enough power to support even the best gaming PCs. Yeah, it’s not modular, but at less than a hundred bucks, we’re willing to look the other way – especially with that sick lighting. 

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