Brawl Stars update: New Brawler and new star powers in Summer update!

Welcome to our Brawl Stars update hub! We’ll be collecting all of the official balance changes and updates for Brawl Stars as they’re released by Finnish giant Supercell.

If you can’t get enough Brawl Stars, be sure to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest buffs, nerfs, new game modes, and new brawlers added to the game. Below you’ll find the most recent update, followed by a list of new brawlers as they’re released. Previous Brawl Stars updates can be found at the end of the page.

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Brawl Stars update: The latest

Brawl Stars Summer update overview

Release date: June 26, 2019.

The latest Brawl Stars update is finally here, and it brings with it tons of new content. First off there’s a new Brawler called Tick, who throws proximity mines from a distance, and launches his own head to home in on enemies. He’s available for free, but you’ll have to get to 4000 trophies to unlock him.

The other big change will roll out over the next few months, but it fundamentally changes literally every Brawler. Each week, three new star powers will be released, some of which look pretty broken on paper. You can find them in Brawl Boxes or purchase them in the shop, and switch between star powers before hopping into a game.

There is also a new currency for end-game players called Star Points. Each trophy gained over 500 at the end of the season will be converted into Star Points, which can be used to buy exclusive skins and color variations of skins.

Balance changes were minor in this update, but several game modes were tweaked slightly. Siege matches should now be shorter, and Heist matches a bit longer. The game’s UI got a significant overhaul, with the shop now easier to navigate.

Read about the New Brawler Tick below, or check out the full patch notes in the official Brawl Stars Reddit post!

New Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl stars update new brawlers

Like new troops in Clash of Clans and new cards in Clash Royale, Supercell releases new brawlers in Brawl Stars from time to time. Below you’ll find all of the new brawlers released since the game’s global release in reverse chronological order.

New Brawler — Tick

Brawl Stars New Brawler Tick

Release date: June 26, 2019

Tick is a metal ball of barely controlled excitement and energy — explosive energy! He throws mines, and his Super makes his head detach, seek a target and explode.

  • New Brawler released with the Summer update.
  • Unlockable upon reaching 4000 trophies.

Main attack – Minimines

  • Tick throws three mines that explode on contact, or after a few seconds.

Super – Headfirst

  • Tick’s head detaches and seeks the nearest target.
  • The head can be destroyed before making contact, negating any damage.

New Brawler — Bibi

Brawl Stars update retropolis

Batter up! Bibi’s got a sweet swing that can knock back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged. Her Super is a bouncing ball of gum that deals damage.

Release date: May 22, 2019

  • Epic Brawler announced in the May “Retropolis” update.
  • First Brawler to feature an attack charge mechanic.

Main attack – Three Strikes

  • Bibi’s main attack knocks back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged.
  • The Home Run bar charges while having all 3 swings at the ready.

Super Attack – Spitball

  • Bibi bats a bouncing ball of bubble gum that deals damage and can hit the enemy multiple times.

Star Power – Home Run

  • Bibi’s movement speed is increased while her Home Run bar is fully charged.

New Brawler — Rosa

brawl stars new brawler rosa

This boxing botanist will plant her feet and go toe to toe! Her Super gives her tough, vegan protective gear.

Release date: April 26, 2019

  • Rare Brawler announced in the April update.
  • Similar play style as Primo.

Main attack – Hands of Stone

  • Rosa releases a flurry of punches.
  • Close range only.

Super – Strong Stuff

  • Rosa creates a tough second skin of vines,
  • Prevents 80% of incoming damage (later reduced to 70%).
  • Lasts 6 seconds (later reduced to 4 seconds).

Star Power – Plant Life

  • Rosa regains health while inside bushes.

Brawl Stars Update History

Brawl Stars May update overview

Release date: May 21, 2019

The May Brawl Stars update brings a new Brawler, new map theme, and several new skins to Supercell’s hit game. Rosa was on the receiving end of yet another round of nerfs, but in return she got a new voice over.

Retropolis is the name of the new cyberpunk map theme, and there are now several maps that match this theme. A new leather jacket-wearing Brawler named Bibi is the first official Brawler to come from this new area, although it appears that Bull and Crow origin stories will be retconned to join her.

Brawl Stars May update patch notes

New Brawler – Bibi

  • Epic Brawler.
  • Main attack: Three Strikes.
    • Bibi’s main attack knocks back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged.
    • The Home Run bar charges while having all 3 swings at the ready.
  • Super Attack: Spitball.
    • Bibi bats a bouncing ball of bubble gum that deals damage and can hit the enemy multiple times.
  • Star Power: Home Run.
    • Bibi’s movement speed is increased while her Home Run bar is fully charged.

New Skins

  • Hot Rod Brock.
  • Bake Sale Barley.
  • Road Rage Carl.
  • Maple Barley (Canada soft launch anniversary skin).


  • Rosa Voice Over.
  • Ability to send in-game mail to Club members (available for leaders & co-leaders).
  • Supercell ID 2.0 (Will roll out to countries over the next week).

New Event – Retropolis

  • New Battle Location – Retropolis.
  • New Menu Music.
  • New Menu Background.
  • New In-Game Music.


  • Several maps are now “Retrofied”:
    • Gem Grab – Cell Division, Four Squared, Escape Velocity, Spring Trap, Double Swoosh.
    • Heist – Rolling Rumble, Bridge Too Far.
    • Bounty – Layer Cake, Dry Season.
  • Maps Removed:
    • Gem Grab – Bouncing Echo.
    • Heist – Split Second, Corner Case.
  • Maps Added:
    • Gem Grab – Cross Cut.
    • Heist – Pit Stop, Side Story.

Character Balance


  • Decreased Super duration from 4.0 sec to 3.0 sec.
  • Decreased Star power healing from 300 per sec to 200 per sec.
  • Needs now 10 hits instead of 9 to fully charge up Super.
  • Main attack effect now better matches the area where damage is dealt.


  • Frank’s Super now again stuns the Siege base for the full duration.


  • Carl can now pre-aim his main attack while using Super.
  • Carl now has a much shorter cooldown for the main attack (can use the main attack more rapidly when the Pickaxe returns after a wall hit).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple UI issues.
  • Fixed a bug that gave access to locked skins in the Training Cave.
  • Fixed an issue with character health bars being displayed incorrectly after being revealed from stealth.
  • Fixed issues related to player status display in teams.
  • Fixed partially underwater launch pads on Showdown map Flying Fantasies.

That’s all for our Brawl Stars update hub! Be sure to bookmark this article, as we’ll update it over the next few weeks and months with the latest releases! Happy brawling!

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