Check out the first Google Pixel 4 camera and video samples

With previous Google Pixel 4 leaks taking a look at the phone’s camera software and features, we now have a first look at its video recording performance from YouTuber ReLab.

The video compares the Pixel 4’s camera performance with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus’, with the two phones trading blows. On one hand, the Pixel 4’s images appear more true-to-life and detailed than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus’. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus’ output is relatively warmer and the bokeh appears more natural.

Video performance is where things get ugly, with the Pixel 4’s output decidedly unimpressive. Audio quality from the Pixel 4 video is markedly worse than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus video, with the former’s color science strongly leaning toward the warmer part of the spectrum. At least stability is on par or better than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus’ output.

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However, it’s too early to announce a winner and loser. We’re looking at early Pixel 4 hardware and unfinished software, with the leaked Google Camera app still unavailable. There’s still time for Google to implement further optimizations and improve the Pixel 4’s camera performance.

Still, here’s hoping Google fixes the rough audio quality from the Pixel 4’s video recording. The Pixel 3 exhibited the same issue when it launched, with subsequent updates trying to fix it.

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