This deal gets you an iPhone for under $100

If you were scouring the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales to find a great iPhone deal, there’s no need because we’ve found it for you: an iPhone 6s for only $99 (Not in the US? Scroll down for today’s best iPhone deals in your region.)

That’s a new deal from Walmart, cutting $100 off the asking price of the iPhone 6s. It’s a prepaid plan, so you’ll still have to choose a plan for you, but you’re still getting an iPhone for a single-figure cost. The iPhone 6s Plus is also greatly reduced, available now at $149.

The iPhone 6s is an older iPhone, but it’s still got lots of the features that make people love Apple’s devices, like iOS and great camera features. If you don’t need a cutting-edge iPhone, you may love this device. 

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