Google Pixel 4 gets shown off in the wild


The Pixel 4 has no doubt been a hot topic this week. After leaked CAD renders and metal Pixel 4 models gave us a good look at what the Pixel 4 might look like, Google tweeted out a Pixel 4 render of its own — essentially confirming the look of the device. Now, we’re seeing our first in-hand Pixel 4 leak.

Obtained by our friends at 9to5Google, the two photos show off someone using a Google Pixel 4 in the wild. While the quality isn’t the best, its easy to see the similarities between the phone in the photo and the official render Google showed off on Twitter. The back of the device houses a big square camera sensor hub, complete with two camera sensors, a flash on the bottom, and what’s assumed to be a spectral sensor on the top. The phone also looks to be encased in one of Google’s fabric cases.

Google Pixel 4 leaked image in hand 9to5Google

There’s not much we can glean from the leaked images themselves, though 9to5Google was told a few other details about the device. These photos were apparently taken in London. Also, the tipster that sent the photos in also caught a glimpse of the front of the phone. As expected, the Pixel 4 indeed had a big “forehead” which housed two front-facing camera sensors.

Although it’s only June and we’re already seeing leaked Pixel 4 images, that doesn’t mean the devices will be announced anytime soon — Google will likely still wait until October 2019 to launch the new Pixel phones.

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