Haven’t watched Netflix in a while? Your subscription may get canceled.

Netflix saw a surge of new customers in the last quarter, due mostly to the COVID-19 outbreak keeping most people at home. The streaming service that’s home to Stranger Things, Tiger King, and more now has over 182 million subscribers worldwide. However, there are a lot of paying customers who haven’t streamed anything on Netflix for quite some time. For those folks, they may find their Netflix subscription canceled.

In a blog post today, Netflix stated that it is sending emails and app notifications to customers who haven’t used the service for over a year since they joined. Those notifications will ask those users if they wish to keep their membership active. All Netflix subscribers who have not watched anything in over two years will get the same notice. If those users don’t respond to those messages… boom. Netflix is canceled automatically.

The good news for those inactive customers is that it will be easy to reinstate their account if they wish to do so. If they sign up again within 10 months of the cancelation, they can retain their same Netflix account details, profiles, favorites, profiles, and more.

If you are wondering just how many Netflix subscribers are inactive, the blog post states it’s a tiny fraction of their overall audience. Less than half of 1% of Netflix customers fall into this category. Still, that means there are a few hundred thousand active accounts that haven’t accessed Netflix in at least a year. The company says those numbers are already factored into their quarterly subscription updates.

So if you fall into that category, and don’t want to see Netflix canceled, be sure to respond to those emails and notifications. Or you could just watch something on the service.

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