Here’s a first proper look at the Google Pixel 4 camera features

Recent Google Pixel 4 leaks primarily focused on the hardware and software. However, today’s leaks from XDA-Developers mainly discusses an upcoming version of the Google Camera app and the Pixel 4’s camera features.

Starting with the camera interface, the camera switcher, shutter, and gallery buttons float above the viewfinder. The camera modes move from above the aforementioned to below them, though you can still swipe left or right on the viewfinder to change modes.

Looking at the top, the timer, motion, and flash options have been replaced with a contextual pop-up box. What you see in the box depends on the camera mode you’re in. For example, the portrait camera mode includes options for face retouching, timer, selfie illumination, and ratio.

Google Camera 7.0 screenshot 1
Google Camera 7.0 screenshot 2
Google Camera 7.0 screenshot 3

Other changes to the Google Camera interface include recording a video for as long as you hold the shutter button in the camera mode, a new coaching feature for tips on taking better pictures, suggestions in the time lapse mode, tweaked zoom and exposure sliders, and a horizon leveling circle.

Interestingly, XDA-Developers also uncovered several Pixel 4 camera features in its APK teardown.

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First up is a new “Motion Mode” feature. The new camera mode reportedly lets you take pictures of moving subjects and blur the background. There’s also the updated Night Mode, which reportedly includes zero shutter lag and a new astrophotography feature for taking pictures of the stars at night.

According to the teardown, the astrophotography feature uses the Pixel 4’s GPU, tracks down the stars in the image, and brightens them.

The teardown also mentions a Live HDR mode to apply HDR in real-time in the camera viewfinder, an Audio Zoom feature to focus on a source of audio when zooming in with the camera, photobooth integration with Google’s AR stickers, saving depth data with the new Dynamic Depth Format (DDF), and new Measure and Rewind modes.

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