It looks like Google is killing the dual selfie camera setup with Pixel 4


Google revealed more Pixel 4 details yesterday, confirming that the 2019 flagship line will offer 3D face unlock and gesture controls via the Soli radar chip.

The Mountain View company also revealed an image (seen above), showing all the sensors on the front of the phone. And Droid-Life noticed that there’s only one selfie camera on the Pixel 4.

Leaked renders earlier this month showed what looked like two front-facing cameras, but it now seems apparent that the second sensor was actually an IR camera.

A solitary selfie camera would be a major change from the Pixel 3 series, which offered two 8MP front-facing shooters. One camera handled traditional selfies, while the other was a wide-angle camera for group shots and other situations.

All isn’t lost for fans of the wide-angle selfie though, as Google could potentially ditch the standard selfie camera in favor of the wide-angle sensor. We’ve previously seen the likes of LG use a wide-angle front camera, cropping in for standard shots.

Editor’s Pick

Opting for a solitary, wide-angle shooter presents several challenges though, such as low-light image quality. Wide-angle cameras often have narrower apertures than standard cameras, although Google could either adopt a wider aperture or use Night Sight instead. Detail might also be a challenge when shooting cropped-in (i.e. standard) selfies, although using a higher resolution selfie camera seems like a sensible solution.

What do you think of Google’s switch to a single front-facing camera? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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