Learn how to make chatbots, Alexa apps, and more for $35

What was once science fiction is now a reality. And, news flash, artificial intelligence isn’t exactly the threat that we imagined it to be. On the contrary, it’s already been a benefit to humankind as it has advanced dozens of technologies.

Now virtually anyone can learn the full potential of this emerging field with the Complete Machine Learning A to Z Bundle. It’s on offer this week for just $35.

This package is perfect for anyone with even just a passing interest in AI. Students will discover machine learning theory, learn how to make their own chatbots and voice apps, and find out how to use a variety of frameworks to create AI systems from scratch.

Best of all, this training is flexible so students can learn on their own terms. The courses are delivered online so there are no schedules, they’re accessible for life so there are no deadlines, and you can study anywhere.

The Machine Learning Bundle:

  • Building Chatbots with Google DialogFlow — $99 value
  • Building Chatbots with Amazon Lex — $99 value
  • Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa — $99 value
  • An Easy Introduction to AI & Deep Learning — $99 value
  • An Easy Introduction to Machine Learning Using Scikit-Learn — $99 value
  • Learn By Example: Apache MXNet — $99 value
  • Learn By Example: PyTorch — $99 value
  • Learn By Example: Spark Streaming 2.x — $99 value
  • Learn By Example: Spark 2.x — $99 value

AI is an emerging field that has enormous potential. If you want to work in an area that’s likely to be around for decades, then this may be a good place to start.

Save over 90 percent now on the Complete Machine Learning A to Z Bundle and pay a bargain price of just $35. Hit the button below to check out the offer.

Check out the deal!

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