Learn to become a super statistician with R programming

Companies rely on statistics and analysis every single day to make decisions. The more you can analyze statistics and create regressions with them, the more you can understand a market. To learn this trade, you can pick up a huge training bundle in the popular programming language R  for under $25 with code.

From the start of the Complete R Programming Bundle, you’ll be developing machine learning regression models and testing their effectiveness with your new R programming skills. Whether you’re a student or looking for a new career, the lessons are completely beginner-friendly.

Supercharge your statistics with 35 hours of training.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of R programming, you’ll begin to learn data scraping and mining from social media. You’ll next start performing more complex tasks with two of the most important R data science packages: Tidyverse and Dply.

Minerva Singh, Ph.D. is your guide through the wide world of R programming. Her lessons will provide a real-world focused look at data analysis and how it can be used for both business and machine learning.

R Programming Courses

Complete R Programming highlights:

  • Statistics and Machine Learning for Regression Modeling with R — $200 value
  • Social Media Mining and Text Data Analysis in R — $200 value
  • Working with Classes: Classify and Cluster Data with R — $200 value
  • Pre-Process and Visualize Data with Tidy Techniques in R — $200 value
  • Practical Data Pre-Processing and Visualization Training in R — $200 value

The courses in the Complete R Programming Bundle have a combined retail value of $1,200. Right now, you can pick them up for $24.65 with the Black Friday promo code BFSAVE15. If you model a regression, that’s a steep negative price coefficient for sure.

This deal is only good for a few more days, so hit the button and start learning now.

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