Minecraft Earth game announced (Update: Beta launch will hit iOS first)

Update, July 12, 2019 (11:45 AM ET): Have you signed up to be a beta tester for Minecraft Earth? If you have, you could see your first chance to try out the game coming in a few weeks (via Phone Arena).

Unfortunately, it looks like iOS device users are going to get first dibs, with that version launching in the next two weeks. The Android version of the game will land sometime after that.

If you are lucky enough to be picked to try out the beta, you’ll need to play the game at least once every seven days. If you don’t, your tester slot will be given to someone else.

Click here to sign up as a potential beta tester if you haven’t already.

Original article, May 17, 2019 (09:46 AM ET): One of the most popular games in existence is getting the Pokémon Go treatment. Microsoft has announced a new AR mobile game called Minecraft Earth, slated to arrive on Android and iOS this summer.


Well, not so fast — the closed beta version will be available on both mobile platforms this summer, but Microsoft is remaining quiet on full release details. As with other closed beta programs, there will be limited spots available. You also have to be 18 or over to join.

The reveal trailer attached above is more of a promotional trailer, so we haven’t seen any actual gameplay yet. According to the Minecraft Earth website, you’ll be able to build structures with other players and place them in the real world at life-size. You can build with friends, and team up with others for mini-adventures.

You’ll even be able to battle Minecraft mobs. Microsoft says players can breed unique mob variants and use them to populate your builds.

Minecraft Earth is a free-to-play title, just like Pokémon Go. You’ll be able to buy in-game items, but Microsoft ensures us there will be no loot boxes present.

You can sign up for the closed beta program at the button below.

Sign up for Minecraft Earth closed beta

Thoughts? If you’re a Minecraft player, does Minecraft Earth interest you at all?

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