Name your price for project management certification training

There are thousands of people out there making big money in project management. Many industries need these highly efficient team leaders to guide important projects, so it’s a highly-transferable skill.

It’s never too late to put yourself on this career path, but you’ll need certifications. The Pay What You Want: Project Management Mastery Bundle is a great place to start.

Ace the PMP certification exam.

The bundle contains six courses and over 20 hours of online instruction. It’s designed to teach you the skills you need to ace the PMP certification exam and become a professional project manager.

You’ll begin by learning basic techniques that apply to all project management roles. You’ll then look at more technical concepts, specializing in disciplines such as engineering and business.

The Project Management Mastery Bundle:

  • Project Management for Business Professionals — $228 value
  • PM Basics — $228 value
  • PM for Engineers — $228 value
  • PMP Certification Training — $228 value
  • PM for Team Members — $228 value
  • PM for Experts — $228 value

Using the ‘pay what you want‘ model, all you have to do is beat the average price to access all six learning kits. Right now it’s a little over $10.

Alternatively, you can pay as little as $1 and still gain access to the vital Project Management Basics course.

Normally, buying all six of these courses on their own would cost over $1,300. With this bundle, you can save as much as 99 percent, and start training for a new career.

The average price is creeping up as more people take up the offer, so click the button below to get started.

Check out the deal!

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