OnePlus 6T update tracker: OxygenOS 9.0.1 rolls out to T-Mobile variant

Welcome to the OnePlus 6T Android update tracker page. This page covers all major software news for the OnePlus 6T and will be updated regularly with new information.

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Since the OnePlus 6T is the first device from OnePlus to launch in both an unlocked and a carrier variant, this is the first time OnePlus fans have had to deal with certain models getting updates much faster than others. This OnePlus 6T updates hub will hopefully help you understand when you’re getting an update and what it will contain.

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OnePlus 6T vs T-Mobile OnePlus 6T

There are two versions of the OnePlus 6T: the global, unlocked model you buy directly from OnePlus and the T-Mobile exclusive variant. Both devices look the same and feature the same hardware specs, but there are some notable differences.

You can read the full description of the differences in our summary article here, but the basic differences are listed below:

Dual SIM CardNoYes
Carrier LockedYesNo
Bootloader UnlockYes (per T-Mobile guidelines)Yes
Software Updates SourceT-MobileOnePlus
Pre-Installed AppsT-Mobile + OnePlus appsOnePlus apps

OnePlus 6T Latest Updates

T-Mobile launched the OxygenOS 9.0.1 update for the carrier variant of the OnePlus 6T on December 11, 2018. The new version of the software is A6013_34_181121.

The update mostly consists of bug fixes and improvements. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the latest December 2018 Android security patch; both the unlocked and T-Mobile variants of the OnePlus 6T are stuck on the November 2018 patch for now.

The OxygenOS 9.0.1 update has the following fixes and upgrades:

  • Updated camera app
  • Updated in-display fingerprint sensor algorithm
  • Fixed Google Play Store download notification issues
  • Optimized face unlock
  • Optimized hidden Wi-Fi AP login UI
  • Optimized unlock speed with live wallpapers
  • Improved audio quality

Consult the table below to see the latest available OxygenOS versions for the unlocked and T-Mobile variants:

Latest Update DateDecember 11, 2018December 3, 2018
Latest Update VersionOxygenOS v9.0.1OxygenOS v9.0.7
Android BaseAndroid 9 PieAndroid 9 Pie

Previous Unlocked OnePlus 6T updates:

  • December 3, 2018: Update to OxygenOS 9.0.7
    • Addition of a special audio tuner for Bluetooth earphones
    • Improved Bluetooth stability for better connectivity
    • Optimized stability for Wi-Fi connection
    • Optimized standby power consumption
    • Fixed display issues for lock screen wallpaper
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • Improved performance for slow-motion videos
  • November 21, 2018: Update to OxygenOS 9.0.6
    • Improved unlocking experience
    • Optimized standby power consumption
    • Fixed issues with adding APN on Verizon network
    • Fixed issues with no notifications from Play Store
    • Optimized image processing
    • General bug fixes and improvements
  • November 6, 2018: Update to OxygenOS 9.0.5
    • Improvements for Screen Unlock
    • General bug fixes and improvements

Previous T-Mobile OnePlus 6T updates:

  • November 20, 2018: Update to OxygenOS 9.0.0
    • Google monthly security updates
    • Various bug fixes and system improvements

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