Poll: If you could only pick one, which streaming service would you choose?

There are almost too many streaming services to count nowadays, each one providing a variety of exclusive shows and movies. It can be difficult to choose just one. For today’s poll, I’m asking you to do just that.

If you could only choose one streaming service to sign up for, which would you pick? Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or something else?

I would probably have to go Netflix. There’s a steady stream of new and original content being added every week. Though, I would absolutely miss The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars on Disney Plus. That also means I’d need to say goodbye to Law and Order: SVU on Hulu, which is something I’m frankly not willing to do.

I guess my answer would be “Netflix, but I’d be mad about it.”

So, what’s it going to be? Cast your vote in the poll below.

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