Protect and optimize your PC with this essential app bundle

Whether you use your PC for work or fun, you probably want it to be in its best shape. Not only should it be efficient, but your files should be backed up and protected as well.

You could manually transfer files from your desktop to an external hard drive to speed up your workflow and backup your important data. But that may take awhile. Instead, the Essential PC Utility Bundle Feat. Defrag 22 can manage it all for you.

The bundle includes four essential apps: 

  • Defrag 22 HDD and SSD Defragmentation: Professional Edition
  • DiskImage 14 Backup Solution: Professional Edition
  • SafeErase 14: Professional Edition
  • AutoBackup 6: Professional Edition

Each app is meant to protect, backup, or optimize your PC. Defrag 22 helps your computer reach speeds up to 100 percent faster by defragmentation. DiskImage 14 and AutoBackup 6 automatically backup your important files, and SafeErase 14 can permanently delete sensitive files so that recovery is never possible.

If you’re like most people, your computer is important to you. Treat it like such by adding these valuable apps to your utility toolbox.

Combined, the Essential PC Utility Bundle is worth $140, but you can get all four apps for just $30 — 78 percent off — for a limited time. Hit the button below to find out more.

Check out the deal!

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