PUBG Mobile updates: 4v4 team deathmatch and anti-cheat system in update 0.13.0

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PUBG update: The latest

PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0 overview

Release date: June 12, 2019.

PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0 brings a brand new mode to the Darkest Night EvoGround map. It returns to an era before Battle Royale games took over with 4v4 team deathmatch gameplay. Players respawn infinitely, and match time is reduced to a mobile-friendly 6 minutes.

Fans will also be happy to learn that new anti-cheat measures have been added. This third-party system detects and reports cheaters using emulators or other modifiers. Check out the full PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0 patch notes below!

PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0 patch notes

What’s New

  • Added Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround. This new mode features fast-paced firefights in both FPP and TPP. Players can also create their own rooms with room cardsAdded control settings for FPP. Players can now have separate settings for TPP and FPP
  • Upgraded 3rd party app prevention system and enhanced detection of cheating behavior via Virtual App, emulators and modifiers
  • Added MVP showcase system at the end of each match. All players will receive a default MVP pose. The top 3 players in Classic mode or the MVP of the winning squad in TDM will be featured
  • In Vikendi, players will now leave footprints, trails and tire tracks on snow
  • Added a dedicated button for climbing that can be enabled in the settings
  • When killed by friendly fire, now players can decide if the teammate should lose merit or not
  • Added a Godzilla theme. Godzilla themed lobby background will be available together with many themed events and rewards after the update
  • Added new popularity gift and ranking reward. Every week, the top 100 players in the list may collect the title All-time Popularity or Recent Popularity
  • Added Charisma Ranking. The permanent outfits and firearm/vehicle finishes collected by a player will increase their Charisma

New Achievements

  • Victory Legion: Complete 1/5/10/20 matches with Dominating in Team Deathmatch
  • Alpha & Omega: Get the first kill and final blow in a Team Deathmatch
  • T-800: Achieve Terminator 1 time in Team Deathmatch
  • Envoy of War: Complete a series of missions in Team Deathmatch.

Other improvements

Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night changes

  • The old zombies have been replaced by 4 types of new zombies
  • Liquid Nitrogen Grenades now leave behind a cloud of freezing smoke on the ground for a long period after explosion, reducing the movement speed of any unit in the area
  • Added new mode combat modifiers
  • Certain zombies now have new abilities: Tanks will empower nearby allies; Skinners can slow nearby players
  • A new factory has replaced the police station

Inventory improvements

  • Players can now combine items in batches
  • Equipped items will be displayed on top
  • Duplicated new items will no longer be indicated by a red dot and the “new” tag
  • The Backpack and Helmet tabs have been moved to the Customization tab.

Other changes

  • Arcade mode opening times have been adjusted. Mondays and Wednesdays: Sniper Training & War; Tuesdays and Thursdays: Mini-Zone & Quick Match; Fridays to Sundays: All Arcade modes are available. All times are in UTC
  • Protective items are now 25% more durable. Their effectiveness remains unchanged
  • Players can now bolt/reload a bolt action rifle while moving instead of completing the process while aiming down sights
  • Improved the animation in FPP when running while holding an SMG.
  • Vehicles now have improved feedback on explosions
  • Event Center now has improved interactions and better tutorials for the event missions
  • Crew Challenge Qualifying Round has been expanded. Now 6 qualifying matches will be held every day, up from 5. Each squad can participate up to 3 matches per day, up from 2. Each squad is allowed to participate a total of 18 qualifying matches, up from 12. And new items have been added to the Crew Shop
  • Players who have registered for Crew Challenge will now receive a notice 10 minutes before a match starts
  • Players can now collect all rewards from daily missions, progress missions and achievements all at once
  • Added 3 new Clan Insignias for Lv. 7, Lv. 9, and Lv. 10
  • Added a latency indicator to the main screen. Green, yellow, and red represents a good, average, or bad connection

PUBG Mobile update history

PUBG Mobile version 0.12.5 update overview

PUBG Mobile update Season 7

Release date: May 16, 2019

This update kicks off Season 7, which sees a return to military-style themes with the Urban Scavenger and Assault Squad skins. You’ll have to purchase the newly released Season 7 Elite Royale Pass and reach Rank 100 in order to choose just one of the two exclusive skins.

This season introduces the Royale Pass EZ Mission License, which has three different levels of perks to purchase. The first unlocks weekly challenges a week early, the second gives two free mission cards each week, and the third removes the 10 quest requirement for the week 8 chest. Hop into game and see what else Season 7 has to offer!

PUBG Mobile update 0.12.5 patch notes

Season 7

  • Season 7 has begun! A new Royale Pass is available in-game.

What’s new

  • New Royale Pass Season is here with the new EZ Mission License, character beard, and parachute/flight trails.
  • New Weapon: Skorpion, a machine pistol that fires 9mm rounds. Drops in all maps.
  • Added dedicated servers for players in Middle East.

Other improvements

  • The Subscription feature has been tuned.
  • Added category tabs to the Shop.
  • Adjusted audio to reduce interruptions.

PUBG Mobile version 0.12.0 update overview

Release date: April 17, 2019

This PUBG Mobile update builds on the last two with even more improvements to the Resident Evil crossover event. This time, the new mode is called Darkest Night, and it has you struggling to survive against hordes of zombies – in addition to teams of enemies. 

If you’re more of a backseat gamer, you can now watch your friends, crew, and clan members in the new spectator mode. You can also add shop items to your favorites, so you’ll receive a notification when that cool outfit you’ve been eyeing goes on sale.

PUBG Mobile version 0.12.0 patch notes

New Feature: EvoZone

  • Replaces Event mode.
  • Survive Till Dawn is now under this mode.
  • More new modes will be added in the future.

New EvoZone Mode: Darkest Night

  • Stay alive for one night while fighting zombies.
  • All teams that are still alive at dawn will win.

Changes to Survive Till Dawn

  • Stun Grenades now also stun zombies.
  • Added Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to freeze enemies and reduce their movement speed.
  • Added jumping zombies and zombie dogs.
  • Some zombies can now climb over low walls or onto roofs.
  • Added RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines.
  • Flamethrowers now deal more damage.
  • M134 handling has been tuned.
  • Players will gain affixes that grant certain buffs.
  • Zombies now move slower after being hit by firearms.
  • Added Survive Till Dawn quick chat messages to Default and Classic voice packs.
  • Daily missions can now be completed in Survive Till Dawn.

Other changes

  • Players can now spectate matches that their friends, Crews or Clan members are currently in, and view others’ information while spectating as well as adjust Spectator Mode privacy settings.
  • Scope crosshair colors can now be changed in settings.
  • Portable Closets can now be swapped while in a match.
  • Spring Theme and Treasure is now available. Each draw guarantees a unique reward, and Sakura Dacia or Pink Rose Set is a guaranteed drop when drawing 10.
  • Popularity has been added to Spaces. Players can now show their support by giving LIKEs to one another, and become Partners with friends that have 400 Synergy or more. Partners will appear in each other’s Spaces.
  • Players can now add Shop items as Favorites and be notified when these items are on sale.
  • Duplicated time-limited items will now be stacked to only show 1 icon per item with total amount of time remaining (maximum duration is 999 days).
  • New Achievements: Best Companion, Superstar, Winning Culture, Adventurer, Until Dawn, and A Step Too Far.

Other improvements

  • Automatic door-opening has been tuned.
  • Dynamic weather odds have been tuned.
  • More buildings have been added to Dino Park, Coal Mines and Goroka in Vikendi.
  • Crew Challenge qualifying round has been expanded, and top 10 teams now get unique outfits.
  • Emulator detection enhanced to stop emulator players from being matched with players on mobile devices.
  • Friend invitations now show map and lag information.
  • Quick Chat messages are now edited in Inventory.
  • Quick Chat messages can now be displayed as a wheel to make sending messages faster and easier.
  • Shadow effects can now be disabled to reduce resource consumption, heat and battery usage.
  • Added a reminder on dismantling duplicated items for Silver.
  • Previews are now available in some pages. Tap the reward icon to preview outfits.
  • Gallery now only show items currently in stock at the Shop.
  • Cloth Bandana (Leopard) with first purchase has ended. Rewards for first purchase of the season will be updated.
  • RP Backpack now remember settings from the previous season.
  • Mythic outfit emotes can now be heard by more players.
  • Added haptic feedback to some buttons.
  • Added animation for dropping empty magazines when reloading.
  • Animation for throwing grenades while prone has been tuned.
  • Animation added for opening/closing doors.
  • Fixed a bug where hair was not displayed correctly when equipping certain headgear.
  • Fixed a bug where Season 6 Pants caused graphic glitches in certain footgear.
  • Fixed a bug where doors were not displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players may get stuck in buildings in certain areas.

PUBG Mobile version 0.11.5 update overview

Release date: March 20, 2019

This month’s PUBG Mobile update celebrates the first anniversary of PUBG Mobile! Check out the fireworks on spawn island and search for birthday cakes on the map as you struggle to survive.

The Survive Till Dawn game time is still available, so you still have time to grab those juicy rewards. This PUBG Mobile update also introduces a subscription plan, so grab that if you want to make the most of your play time.

PUBG Mobile version 0.11.5 update patch notes

Royale Pass

  • Players can now view RP rankings of the entire region and your friends directly from the Royale Pass page.
  • Elite Pass Plus purchase now has additional rewards besides instantly gaining 25 ranks.
  • Weekly challenges now award more points. Point rewards can now be collected with just one tap.


  • Birthday parties on Spawn Island! Light fireworks and collect crates during matches.
  • Open the collected crates after the match to get anniversary rewards.
  • Find randomly spawned birthday cakes in matches for a surprise!


  • Dynamic weather added to Erangel and Miramar.
  • Added a new weapon: G36C rifle (Vikendi only). Fires 5.56mm rounds and can be equipped with stocks. Replaces SCAR-L in Vikendi.
  • Added a new Sanhok-exclusive vehicle: Tukshai, a three-wheeled bus. This will replace the Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus.
  • Subscriptions will be available in early April. There are two plans: Prime and Prime Plus. Both plans come with free daily UC, Royale Pass points, daily 80% discount on Crates, purchasing from the shop with BP and more. Benefits from both plans are stackable.
  • When players don’t win items above a certain quality many times in a row at the Shop, they will earn vouchers instead. Relevant titles and achievements relating to bad luck have also been added.
  • “Room Card: 1-Use” in Clan Shop has been adjusted to 1 purchase every 10 days. Added a robot avatar to the Clan system.

Survive Till Dawn

  • Zombies will now enter a weakened state from time to time during the match. Please see in-game announcements for more information.
  • Fixed some areas on the map where zombies could not enter.
  • Damage outside of safe zone at night has been increased.
  • Some resource drops have been tuned.
  • Some zombie skills have been tuned.
  • Vehicle fuel levels have been tuned.

Other improvements:

  • Quick chat message “I got supplies” is now pre-selected.
  • Outfit preview will send a warning when a piece being previewed is hidden by a currently equipped piece.
  • When previewing outfits from a new crate, the preview from the previous crate will now be removed.
  • Added tapping feedback to buttons of the main menu.
  • The animation skipping feature (when purchasing 10 crates) has been tuned.

PUBG Mobile version 0.11.0 update overview

Release date: February 19, 2019

This PUBG Mobile update kicks off the exciting new Resident Evil crossover event, complete with a new game mode and zombies spawning in normal matches. Even RE2 bosses make an appearance, so team up with your friends and attempt to survive till dawn.

There are also all kinds of RE2 themed outfits and goodies available in the shop, including Claire and Leon skins. Check out all this patch has to offer!

PUBG Mobile version 0.11.0 patch notes

What’s new

  • Added Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, a new event mode that is here for a limited time only. Fight to survive as usual on Erangel, but zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2 will also spawn on the map! Kill them to get resources and items.
  • Added weather: Moonlight to Vikendi.
  • Added Pandemic Treasure event. Get your Resident Evil 2 outfits now!
  • Added Anniversary Treasure event. Celebrate the game’s anniversary with all kinds of rare finishes!
  • Added Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music.
  • Anniversary items are on sale while quantities last!
  • Added Anniversary emotes, avatars and frames.
  • Sanhok is now available in Arcade – Quick Match.
  • Character image and Connections are now visible on profile.
  • Added new titles: “#1/100” (permanent) and “Survivor” (time-limited).

Other improvements

  • Some houses in Vikendi have been redesigned.
  • SMG and Assault Rifles War Modes now start with double the ammo.
  • Past results are now kept up to 1 month. Older data will be cleared.
  • Fixed terrain display bugs for budget devices.

What would you like to see in future updates to PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments.

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