Redmi Note 7S teased for India, but what should you expect?

The Redmi Note 7 series has pulled in big sales figures since launching earlier this year. The Xiaomi sub-brand isn’t stopping at these two phones though, as it’s teasing a Redmi Note 7S too.

According to Xiaomi’s website and the Redmi India Twitter account, the new phone will be equipped with a 48MP rear camera.

It’s unclear how the Redmi Note 7S differs from the other two Redmi Note 7 devices. One possibility is that India is getting a global version of the Redmi Note 7 rather than an entirely new model. The Indian variant doesn’t offer a 48MP rear camera, using a 12MP+2MP camera pairing instead.

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Adding credence to the idea that this is a global variant is the picture used on Twitter. Xiaomi UK recently attached the global Redmi Note 7 to a weather balloon, allowing it to take pictures of Earth. And the picture used in the latest Twitter post (seen above) is identical to one of the pictures originally posted by Xiaomi UK, albeit with the watermark changed.

Another possibility is that we’re looking at an upgraded Redmi Note 7, delivering a slightly more powerful chipset (e.g. Snapdragon 670) and the aforementioned 48MP camera to boot. In fact, the company previously launched the Redmi 3S in 2016, offering the same specs as the Redmi 3 but upgrading the chipset.

We’ll find out more about the new phone on May 20, but it’s clear that the ultra-competitive budget segment in India is set for yet another addition.

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