Samsung reveals its upcoming foldable phone

  • Samsung launched the Samsung Infinity Flex Display today at the Samsung Developers Conference.
  • The Infinity Flex Display is a foldable display technology, which will launch with the first Samsung foldable smartphone.
  • A prototype of the Samsung foldable phone was shown on stage, but it was a prototype encased in a thick box.

At the Samsung Developer Conference today in San Francisco, the company finally revealed the device which has been years in the making: the Samsung foldable phone. The display technology used to create the device is going to be called the Samsung Infinity Flex Display.

The device shown on stage was a prototype and encased in a thick box to prevent us seeing what the final retail version will look like. However, the basic gist of how the device works was apparent.

In its default, folded state, the device looks like a typical smartphone, albeit a bit smaller and thinner. When you unfold the phone, it doubles in size horizontally, making it a 7.3-inch square-shaped tablet.

Editor’s Pick

The Android UI automatically changes between different layouts depending on whether the device is “closed” or “open.” You can use all your apps as you normally would in its closed state, which will feel familiar as its shaped like a “normal” smartphone. When you unfold the device, everything gets expanded to make better use of the bigger display.

There’s also app continuity between the two states of the smartphone. In other words, if you are using Google Maps while the phone is closed, when you unfold the display Google Maps will still be open and will automatically resize itself to match the new layout.

Samsung also created a new system called Multi-Active Window, which allows you to run up to three apps at once while the phone is in its unfolded state. This will help you multi-task and will likely be a large part of the future marketing campaign for the smartphone.

Unfortunately, Samsung did not give us any hard details about the phone, such as a name, release date, or price. However, we now have seen the Samsung foldable phone in the flesh, so to speak, which means its proper launch can’t be too far away.

What do you think? Are you excited for the upcoming Samsung foldable phone? Sound off in the comments!

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