Smart home tech sales could jump 30% as consumers combat the coronavirus

Though the smartphone industry has taken a big hit amid the coronavirus pandemic, smart home tech just might see the opposite scenario. According to global tech market advisory firm ABI Research, smart home devices could see a 30% YoY sales surge in the coming months despite the negative impact COVID-19 has had on Chinese factories in Q1 2020.

ABI claims that 141 million voice-controlled smart home devices shipped across the globe last year. If the firm’s research is correct, we could see that number climb above 180 million by the end of the year.

Voice-controlled electronics decrease the amount of high-touch surfaces in people’s households. This includes TVs, lights, thermostats, speakers, and more. People can even leverage some of these devices to do their online shopping. And since COVID-19 can spread between people via commonly touched surfaces, this potentially minimizes the impact of the virus.

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ABI also believes this short term trend could elicit long-term changes among consumers.

“Voice control will continue [to] be the Trojan horse of smart home adoption,” Collins said. “COVID-19 is part of the additional motivation and incentive for voice control in the home that will help drive awareness and adoption for a range of additional smart home devices and applications.”

Collins goes on to say that smart doorbells and video cameras can also ensure customers receive deliveries without face-to-face exposure with people outside of the home. This change of habit and emphasis on online shopping could support increased smart home adoption long after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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