Some OnePlus 8 Pro devices suffering from green screen tint and black crush

Some users are reporting an issue with their OnePlus 8 Pro screens, where their displays either show a slight green tint or black crush issues at low brightness.

A user on the OnePlus Community forums demonstrated the issue on their device, and the primary problem showed up as a green tint to the dark colors on the screen. The user posted a side-by-side comparison with a Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and the difference between the two is quite apparent. It is important to note that the green issue only appeared when the refresh rate is set at 120Hz and the brightness is dropped to a very low setting.

OnePlus 8 pro green tintOnePlus Community forums

Source: OnePlus Community forums


The issue can potentially be rectified by turning off the DC Dimming feature within the OnePlus 8 Pro. However, according to the same post, this actually causes an issue with black crush, which is where dark areas on the screen lose detail. Depending on the preference of the user, the black crush problem could be more intrusive to their device usage than the green tinting.

OnePlus reached out to the person suffering from the issue and said that the company is investigating it, though they haven’t heard back with a resolution to the problem as of this writing. Additionally, OnePlus told Android Police that it’s investigating the issue and will “issue updates as soon as they are ready.”

We’ll be sure to update this article if there are any updates on these OnePlus 8 Pro screen issues. In the meantime, have you had any issues with your OnePlus 8 Pro screen?

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