Some Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users reporting randomly broken rear camera glass

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra could be facing yet another issue in the form of a pretty major design flaw. Some users are reporting broken glass over the rear camera module without the phone experiencing any drops or impacts.

A few users are taking to Samsung’s forums to report that their phones’ camera glass has randomly broken. All of the users swear they didn’t drop their devices, and many cite using a sturdy case to keep their devices protected.

Some users are reporting a small hairline crack making its way across the rear camera’s glass covering. Obviously, this causes issues with using the camera, which is one of the device’s primary selling points (though it’s not without issue). One user reported it initially, and another chimed in saying, “I have the same issue with mine. Cracked across the glass with no cause except faulty glass.”

Galaxy S20 Ultra broken camera glass

Source: Samsung Forum

Samsung Forum

For other users, they’re actually claiming that the Galaxy S20 Ultra broken camera glass actually shatters, leaving a large hole that looks far more dramatic. A user with the issue said that they woke up to a broken phone with no idea how it happened.

Because the issue isn’t widespread (at least, not yet) Samsung isn’t covering it under warranty, as the company is considering the damage to be cosmetic. It’s also difficult to prove that users suffering from the issue are telling the truth. Of course, if the issue becomes more common, Samsung might be forced to step up and do something about the problem.

For the time being, users are forced to pay out of pocket for the repairs. For users in Samsung’s Premium Care plan, it costs $100 to do the repairs, and almost $400 for those who aren’t. That’s no small expense, especially in these trying times.

As of this writing, Samsung hasn’t commented on the issue.

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