Streaming games coming to Netflix, maybe including a Stranger Things title


  • An anonymous source leaked today that a new Netflix games platform is coming.
  • The first games will be Telltale Games titles, including Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • There might also be a point-and-click game for the popular Netflix property Stranger Things.

An anonymous source leaked some info to TechRadar about a huge new feature coming to Netflix: streaming video games. According to the source, the first game will be Telltale Games’ Minecraft: Story Mode.

The source also says that a new video game from Telltale will launch on Netflix, centered around the popular show Stranger Things. It is even possible that Netflix will announce the streaming game service and the new Stranger Things title all at once.

According to a statement sent to TechRadar, Netflix said the source’s claims are not entirely accurate, but would provide additional details soon. So consider this a developing story.

Telltale Games titles are perfect for the Netflix platform, as most of the games don’t require much interaction from the player other than making text choices and moving a character from one part of the story to the other. According to the anonymous source, gamers will be able to play these Netflix games using any standard television remote that has directional inputs.

Editor’s Pick

Amazon Fire TV – which is obviously owned by Amazon, one of Netflix’s chief rivals – already offers video game support and even hosts a variety of Telltale Games titles. Thus, the idea of Netflix hosting streaming games is not exactly the biggest news ever, but it does show that Netflix is ready to expand into new media territory.

The alleged joint partnership between Telltale and Netflix raises some eyebrows considering Telltale has an existing partnership with HBO – yet another prime rival of Netflix. However, according to sources, Telltale went to HBO first with the idea of streaming game content, and the media titan turned the idea down due to how young the technology is.

HBO could grow to regret that decision, as Netflix having streaming video games could work to convert the people who somehow don’t already subscribe to Netflix to start a subscription. If streaming the games is part of your monthly payment – i.e., there are no extra charges for playing games – it would be a no-brainer for Telltale fans to start a subscription.

We will update this article if new information comes to light.

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