Supposed Google Nest Mini hits FCC, confirms design and more

Update, September 11, 2019 (7:53AM ET): It looks like Google is indeed working on the Nest Mini (or Google Home Mini 2), as a new Google smart speaker has passed by the FCC.

The FCC filing, spotted by MySmartPrice, also includes a diagram for the speaker (model number H2C). The diagram shows a device that looks extremely similar to the Home Mini, albeit with what appears to be a wall mount. This lines up with 9to5Google‘s earlier news of a wall mount for the device. Check out the diagram below:

The Google Home Mini 2 or Nest Mini.FCC

MySmartPrice says we can see a 3.5mm port on the device as well (also previously rumored), but we’re not 100 percent convinced just yet. After all, the positions of the ports/switches in the above diagram seem to line up with the original Home Mini, and the original speaker offered a microphone switch and microUSB port in these positions.

That’s not to say Google couldn’t swap or move ports and switches around, perhaps replacing the microphone switch with the 3.5mm port. But we’ll likely need to wait for renders or leaked images to figure out what Google has done.

Either way, it looks like the Google Home Mini might just join the Pixel 4 at Google’s rumored October event.

Original article, August 21 2019 (5:10PM ET): According to an anonymous source speaking with 9to5Google, by the end of this year, we could see a Google Nest Mini, a.k.a. a Google Home Mini 2. The upgraded device will have some nifty new features included.

The new name lines up with the previous rebrand of the Google Home Hub, which is now known as the Google Nest Hub. It makes sense that the next Mini will have the new Google Nest Mini moniker, and it’s a good bet we’ll eventually see a Google Nest and a Google Nest Max.

According to the anonymous source, the most notable upgrade for the new Nest Mini will be the addition of an aux jack for either connecting headphones or speakers, connecting a different input method (such as a microphone), or both. If this is the case, it would be a welcome upgrade because the Google Home Mini doesn’t have the greatest sound, so using it to control a better-sounding speaker would be great.

However, the source also says that the Google Nest Mini will have superior sound quality as compared to the original Home Mini. In that case, we’ll need to see if attaching a new speaker will even be necessary (but it most likely will be).

The Google Nest Mini could have an aux jack, a built-in mount, a proximity sensor, and better sound quality.

Additionally, the Nest Mini could come with a simple way to mount it on the wall. You can buy wall mounts for the current Home Mini from various retailers (including Google itself), but if the wall mount comes built-in to the Nest Mini, that’s a sweet upgrade.

Finally, the Nest Mini could have some way of being aware when you are near it. The current Mini uses its microphone to hear sounds but the next-gen Mini could have an additional sensor to help augment that ability.

Other than these new features, the Nest Mini won’t look drastically different from the current generation Mini. It could be slightly larger, but the overall look will be largely the same.

It’s a good bet that we will see the Google Nest Mini launch alongside the Google Pixel 4 at the expected Made by Google event in October.

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