The best new Android games from this week and next! (June 21)

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest and greatest new Android games released on the Google Play Store! Below you’ll find what we feel are the top Android games of the week, plus a list of upcoming Android games that should be released in the next few weeks.

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Best new Android games this week

Best new android games Harry Potter Wizards Unite

1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — Free-to-play with IAP. Download now

  • Niantic’s latest AR game just began its rollout in the U.S. and the U.K. It’s essentially a more mature version of Pokémon Go set in the Harry Potter Universe.

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2. Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion — $4.99/5.49 Euro. Download now

  • The 2005 expansion to Rome: Total War joins the original on Android this week. It features massive battles with a remastered interface designed for mobile devices.

3. Layton: Diabolical Box — $9.99/9.99 Euro. Download (U.S.) / Download (Europe)

  • This week Level 5 released a remastered version of the classic Layton trilogy on Android. It adds more than 150 new challenges to the already excellent puzzle game.

4. Dota Underlords (beta) — Free-to-play. Download now

  • Valve pushed this one out in record time to compete with Auto Chess. It’s a multiplayer tactical strategy game with full PC crossplay, but it may take a few weeks for Valve to iron out the bugs in the mobile version beta.

5. Attack on Titan: Assault — Free-to-play with IAP. Download now

  • This turn-based RPG has been in beta for a few months now, but it’s now officially available on the Google Play Store. Pick this one up if you’re a fan of the anime series.

New Android games — Coming soon

Human fall flat best new android games coming soon

1. Human: Fall Flat — Release date: June 26. Pre-register now

  • The PC and console hit is finally hitting mobile. Wacky physics-based puzzles are the name of the game here, with online play to top things off.

2. Graveyard Keeper — Release date: June 27. Official website

  • TinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games team up again for a pixel-art graveyard simulation game. Think Stardew Valley, but with corpses.

3. Stranger Things 3: The Game — Release date: July 4. Official website

  • Get hyped for the latest season of the Netflix series Stranger Things with the official mobile game.

4. Wonder Blade — Release date: July 4.

  • This indie hack and slash action game came out on Steam a while back, but now soon you’ll be able to enjoy its cartoon violence on your Android device.

5. Dr. Mario World — Release date: July 10. Pre-register now

  • The classic spin-off series Dr. Mario is back on mobile devices. It looks similar to other match-3 games, but with an unmistakable Super Mario charm.

6. Dark Sword 2 — Release date: July 15. Pre-register now

  • Smash hit indie action RPG Dark Sword is getting an official sequel. It promises to deliver even more content than the original, and offline play.

7. Dead by Daylight — Release date: Unknown. Pre-register now

  • This mobile port of the 2016 horror game is coming some time in 2019. We don’t know much yet, but fans of survival horror games can pre-register on the official website.

8. One Punch Man: Road to Hero — Release date: Unknown. Pre-register now

  • An officially licenced arena-battle game was announced this week, with all your favorite characters from the series.

That’s all for our look at the top Android games of the week! Did we miss any new or upcoming games? Let us know in the comments below, also be sure to check out last week’s Android Apps Weekly and stay tuned to Android Authority for Sunday’s edition.

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