These new Telegram features should be aped by WhatsApp

The Telegram team has delivered quite a few features in 2019, but it isn’t stopping here though. Now, the team has announced a new update that brings a so-called Slow Mode and Silent Messages to the app.

The former feature allows admins to limit how often each member can send a message in a group (every 30 seconds to every hour). This could be handy for reining in particularly active members who clog a group chat.

Slow Mode in Telegram. Telegram

Silent Messages lets you send a message or media without the recipient’s phone playing an alert tone. Telegram adds that this works even when Do Not Disturb is disabled, as you’d expect. All you need to do is hold the send button and choose Send Without Sound.

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Two other notable features added to Telegram in this update are Admin Titles and Timestamps. The former feature allows you to set custom titles for specific admins (via the Admin menu), showing up in every message sent by that person. The second feature, meanwhile, lets you add interactive timestamps to a video caption. Tap the timestamp in the caption and it’ll automatically play the clip from said timestamp. Interactive timestamps work with shared videos as well as YouTube clips.

Other features included in this Telegram update include improved video scrubbing, animated emoji, and a new attachments menu. But between Silent Messages, Slow Mode, and interactive timestamps, Telegram has several features WhatsApp users will envy. The update is rolling out now, and you can grab it via the Play Store link below.

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Recent updates

Add people, join groups nearby

June 24, 2019: Telegram now lets you add people standing next to you via contacts > add people nearby. This is a pretty handy addition, as you don’t have to manually enter a number then. Telegram adds that it’s also ideal for a group situation, allowing everyone to seamlessly exchange details. Thankfully, both parties need to have this page open for the feature to work. Other noteworthy additions in this update include the ability to see and join nearby groups, and the ability to transfer ownership of a channel or group.

Archived chats and a new chat menu

May 13, 2019: Telegram has been updated to enable a new archived chats functionality. Swiping left on a conversation will send that chat to an archived chats folder, but it’ll return to your usual chat window if a new message pops up in that thread. Swipe left on an archived chat and you can send it to a hidden folder within the archived chats folder (the hidden folder is accessible by swiping down on the screen.

The update also introduces a new chat menu, accessible by tapping and holding on a chat. Much like WhatsApp, doing this will allow you to select multiple chats to archive, mute, pin, or delete.

Telegram v4.8 adds night mode, video streaming, Telegram Login

February 7, 2019: Telegram v4.8 added video streaming, which essentially allows the user to start viewing the video without having to fully download it. The progress bar shows a grey strip indicating how much of the video has been cached. Meanwhile, this version also brings support for automatic night mode. It is not turned on by default but can be easily enabled by going to Settings > Theme > Auto-Night Mode.

The last major update added Telegram Login. Telegram Login is a widget that websites can use to issue an authorization token by sending a confirmation message to the Telegram client on the phone using the phone number. Logging in with Telegram will send the Telegram name, username, and profile picture to the website owner. The user’s phone number, however, remains hidden. Websites can also request permissions to let their bots do the talking. Telegram Login offers fine control over the entire process and the authorization permissions can be reviewed and revoked as needed.

Self-destructing images and videos, improved photo editor

July 24, 2018The biggest addition in this Telegram update is that you can now send self-destructing photos and videos in one-on-one chats. The great thing about this is that it’s customizable — you can set a self-destruct timer that starts when the recipient opens the photo or video. Also, if the recipient takes a screenshot, the app will notify you immediately. Other new features found in the update include an improved photo editor that allows you to edit images faster, and the option of adding a bio to your profile so that people in large group chats know who you are. You can now also download media from large public channels quicker thanks to the new encrypted CDNs.

Short video messages

May 19, 2018: This update added the option of sending short video messages. Just tap the small microphone button to switch to video mode. When the camera icon pops up, press and hold the icon and a video will begin recording.

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