This Amazon Prime Day Essential Phone deal is nuts: $250, brand new, right now

If you’ve been holding out on buying the Essential Phone because of cost alone, you have no excuse now. Today, as part of the Amazon Prime Day celebrations, the Essential Phone is selling for only $250.

To be clear, that is for a brand new device, not a used or refurbished one.

Essential announced the news via its official Twitter account:

It’s not clear how long this deal will last. Some Amazon Prime Day prices last for the entirety of the event, others for only an hour. Heed our advice and take advantage of this deal now, as the price could change (or stock could run out) in no time at all.

Also, there’s one caveat for this deal: it is only available to Amazon shoppers in the United States and Canada. Sorry to everyone in the rest of the world.

Get the essential phone for $250

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