This phone could take the fastest charging crown when it launches next month

The Oppo Reno 2.

Fast charging has become a key feature in the past two years or so, as more brands beef up their charging capabilities. We’ve seen phones leap from 18W to 45W speeds, but it looks like Oppo is upping the ante even more.

Oppo vice-president Brian Shen confirmed on Weibo (h/t: Gizmochina) that the upcoming Oppo Reno Ace smartphone will pack 65W charging capabilities.

This is 20W more than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which boasts 45W speeds with the aid of an optional charger. So what kind of charging time should you expect from the Oppo Reno Ace?

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The size of the battery is key to figuring out charging speeds, as bigger batteries take a longer time to charge of course. Our own testing revealed that the Huawei P30 Pro‘s 4,200mAh battery hits 75% capacity after 30 minutes of 40W charging, and 100% after 56 minutes.

There are definitely other considerations aside from simply charging the phone as quickly as possible, such as battery health and heat. But a 65W charger paired with a 4,000mAh battery could likely fully charge a device in under 45 minutes.

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In fact, the Oppo R17 Pro is able to reach charging speeds of close to 50W according to our review, and its 3,700mAh battery hit 40% capacity in just 10 minutes. Furthermore, reviewer Lanh Nguyen found that 30 minutes of charging delivered 96% capacity.

The company also launched the Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition last year, touting 50W maximum charging speeds too. This special edition device packs a 3,400mAh battery capable of reaching full capacity in 35 minutes.

Fast charging doesn’t have to be wired either, as fast wireless charging has also emerged as a viable solution. We’ve seen Xiaomi tout 20W wireless charging on the Xiaomi Mi 9, and it’s recently announced 30W wireless charging for the Mi 9 Pro 5G.

Do you prefer fast wireless or fast wired charging? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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