This super-curved smartphone screen leaves no space for buttons

Curved screens are one of the more polarizing smartphone trends, as they look slick but can result in accidental touches. Oppo thinks the industry hasn’t gone far enough with the technology though, unveiling its “Waterfall Screen” tech.

The company showed off a phone with the new technology, with the screen wrapping around the sides of the device. In fact, the screen curves off at 88 degrees, lending credence to the “Waterfall” moniker.

The Oppo Waterfall Screen phone compared to the Find X.
The Oppo Waterfall Screen phone.
The Oppo waterfall screen phone.
oppo waterfall screen phone 6
The Oppo waterfall screen phone.

It’s also worth noting that the phone seems to lack any side-mounted buttons as a result of these curves. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t have physical power/volume buttons at all, but they’re likely going to be at the top if they are included on a commercial phone.

Oppo will also need to work on palm and accidental touch rejection if it hopes to make this tech work well, as earlier curved screens were prone to accidental touches. Heck, I still occasionally (and inadvertently) activate features on my Mate 20 Pro when setting it down due to its curved display.

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The Chinese manufacturer will also want to ensure that the phone display is tough. After all, the wraparound nature of the screen means that drops could be catastrophic compared to flat models.

We don’t know when Oppo will launch this technology on a commercial device, but it looks like we might not have to wait too long. Oppo stated that the tech will “soon” deliver an immersive visual experience to users, suggesting that they have a release window in mind.

Would you buy a phone with this tech? Let us know in the comments.

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