Unfortunately, the Play Store’s new video autoplay feature is coming soon

A few months ago, we got word that video autoplay functionality was coming to the Google Play Store. Now, thanks to Android Police, we know the feature should be rolling out soon. The update was initially supposed to come in September, but it looks like Google is just now getting around to it.

Since its redesign a couple of months ago, the Google Play Store has seen some pretty substantial usability improvements. It added dark mode support in Android 10, it announced future support for an incognito mode, and now it offers a new rewards program. Adding video autoplaying to the Play Store isn’t necessarily a step backward, but it definitely won’t see the same fanfare many of its other recent updates have.

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If you are someone who doesn’t like videos autoplaying in the browser, you will most likely dislike it in the Play Store too. Thankfully, it looks like Google is also adding the ability to disable it. Once you get the update, you should be able to do so by opening the Google Play Store and navigating to Settings and then Auto-play videos. Here, you will be able to select either “Auto-play videos at any time,” “Auto-play videos over Wi-Fi only,” or “Do not auto-play videos.”

The video autoplay feature hasn’t come to the Play Store on our devices yet, so we haven’t been able to give it a test run yet. Once it does, you better believe many of us will be disabling it as soon as we can.

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