You might eventually run Windows 10 on the Google Pixelbook

  • Several commits seemingly point to the Google Pixelbook possibly gaining Windows 10 certification.
  • If true, the Pixelbook could also use AltOS to dual-boot into Chrome OS and Windows 10.
  • Currently, the Pixelbook only runs Chrome OS and works as a 2-in-1 device.

What if we told you that the Google Pixelbook, which currently runs Chrome OS, might also run Windows 10 down the road? That might sound like ESPN’s next 30 for 30 documentary, but it also sounds like something that might become reality, reported XDA Developers.

Based on commits found in the Chromium codebases, it looks like Google is testing the Pixelbook against the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Hardware Lab Kit (HLK). There are also specific mentions of the HLK in association with “Eve-Campfire.” Eve is the Pixelbook’s development codename.

While the WHCK is self-explanatory, Microsoft uses the HLK as part of its Hardware Compatibility Program that certifies hardware can ship with Windows. These are steps that manufacturers usually take, so it would not make sense for Google to go through all of that trouble and just have this be a small side project.

Editor’s Pick

As for how Windows would work on the Pixelbook, perhaps the mysterious AltOS has a part to play. After all, XDA Developers also spotted Google submitting AltOS-related commits to the normal Pixelbook and campfire branches.

We first heard of AltOS in April and presumed it could allow folks to dual-boot into another operating system. We do not know if or when AltOS will get a public release, though it looks like it has something to do with this Windows 10 business.

We also do not know when or if Windows 10 will be available to Pixelbook users. It would be an exciting reason to get a Pixelbook, particularly since the device can also run Linux apps.

If you do not currently own a Pixelbook, would you pick one up if it also supported Windows 10? Sound off in the comments below!

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