5 Best Samsung Phones – Nov. 2019

Choosing a smartphone is far more personal now than it was even a few years ago. As the uses for smartphones expand with every new model, there is a lot to consider in making your choice. Phones are no longer just communication devices. They have become computers, cameras, camcorders, word processors, fax machines, and even fashion accessories. They truly have become all things to all people. In deciding what Samsung phone you want, consider what features you use most, or which are most important to you, even if you use them infrequently. Compare and contrast the best Samsung phones in this review, and decide which serves your purposes best.

This is usually the first thing that most people consider when choosing a smartphone. Some like a screen that’s as large as possible, while others prefer a compact model. If you end up choosing a size that you don’t like, then the rest of the features may seem  pretty meaningless.

Having a long battery life could literally be a life-or-death issue. Cell phone features and functions can have a drastic impact on longevity. Check out reviews of individual cell phone battery life to help make your final decision.

Almost equally as important as size is the phone’s camera. Most people want a camera that has good resolution and a decent zoom. However, there are many different types of cameras on phones these days, so look at the specs before making your final decision.

Because we put so much information on our phones, it’s imperative to have enough storage space to manage it all. One of the most common frustrations that users have is trying to take a photo and having the phone’s memory be full. You don’t want to miss out on those precious moments because you don’t have enough storage space on your phone.

Samsung has so many offerings that it’s hard to narrow down to just five. Here are a few more that caught our eyes in the review process. On the inexpensive side was the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (16G). At only $100, it’s a great introduction to the Samsung line. A free 16GB micro SD card makes this a great deal for anyone. In the mid-range, the Samsung N920C Galaxy Note 5 offers an impressive range of features. With 32GBs of memory, and a 16 megapixel camera, this model doesn’t disappoint. Finally, on the high end of the spectrum was the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 6.4” screen. This version comes in a lavender color and has the most memory of any Samsung phone, at 512MB. This is for those who want to have every possible benefit that comes with owning a powerful Samsung phone.

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