RHA TrueConnect review: The AirPods of Android

It’s more common every day to round a street corner and see a pair of AirPods dangling from a stranger’s ears. True wireless earbuds are more affordable than ever, and premium models are still churning out left and right, like the RHA TrueConnect. The Glasgow-based company’s spin on true wireless earbuds echoes design elements of Apple’s AirPods short stems, but that’s where the similarities end.

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What is the RHA TrueConnect like?

The RHA TrueConnect is available now for $169.95. The earbuds feature IPX5 water-resistance, operate via Bluetooth 5.0, and fast charge via the included case.

Like other RHA products, the TrueConnect boasts a sophisticated design contrary to the earbuds’ plastic builds. The metal-reinforced charging case is gorgeous and can fast charge the earbuds to 50 percent after just 15 minutes. When the case itself runs out of juice, listeners can connect via the included USB Type-C cable.

Editor’s Pick

Although the RHA TrueConnect mimics the AirPods’ stems, RHA’s earbuds include something that Apple’s don’t: angled nozzles. By engineering the earbuds to actually fit in the ear — unlike the AirPods — a cogent seal is created, isolating the listener from external noise. This improves clarity and bass response, and means you’re less likely to crank up the volume and inadvertently damage your hearing.

For those who equate audio purchases to investments, the RHA TrueConnect operates on Bluetooth 5.0, future-proofing them for the foreseeable future. What’s more, the IPX5 water resistance served me well during several runs and workouts, just make sure they air out before placing them in the case.

How does the RHA TrueConnect sound?

The earbuds’ bass frequencies are emphasized but not to a gross, unbearable extent. This lends itself well to environments like exercising and commuting without forsaking the midrange.

The effective isolation improves audio quality and bass response, beating out the AirPods.

Unfortunately, these earbuds don’t support AAC or any of the aptX variants, though chances are your ears are too damaged to notice a discernible difference. For a full rundown of isolation and frequency test results, read the full review over at SoundGuys.

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Should you buy it?

RHA TrueConnect: The left earbud being worn by a woman, it protrudes a bit from the ear with the stem angled downward.

The earbuds fit securely in the ear but don’t lay flush with the ear.

Yes, the RHA TrueConnect demonstrates how to properly manufacture true wireless earbuds. The connectivity is reliable, the seal is effective, and the earbuds are water-resistant. Of course, the lack of high-quality codec support is mind-boggling for the $169.95 price. For some, though, the sleek design and comprehensive onboard controls are compensatory enough.

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