Samsung Galaxy Fold display already breaking for reviewers

The very expensive Samsung Galaxy Fold is just now rolling out to online review sites. According to a few reports, though, the device isn’t holding up very well to regular use.

Over at The Verge, reviewer Dieter Bohn already has a broken interior display, which seems to have either been caused by a piece of debris or possibly a defect in the internal hinge mechanism. The display now has a white line running through it which certainly is a usability problem.

Meanwhile, Steve Kovach from CNBC posted to Twitter some photos and a GIF of his Samsung Galaxy Fold in a completely unusable state after what he claims is just one day of use:

Editor’s Pick

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg seems to be having similar issues as Steve Kovach with a totally unusable interior display. However, Gurman also found a very thin layer of film covering the foldable display — which he removed. On Twitter, he said that it seemed like the film was supposed to be removed, and only later did he find warnings from Samsung that users shouldn’t remove it. Gurman said that consumers also likely won’t know they are not supposed to remove this film.

We reached out to Samsung for a statement on these problems but didn’t hear back before press time.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a first-generation product, it’s inevitable that there will be some issues. However, for a nearly $2,000 device to break after only one day of normal usage — this is not sustainable. Samsung will have a serious problem on its hands if the general public faces breaks like these so quickly.

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