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Spectrum Mobile is a new cell phone carrier created in 2018 by the Internet service and television provider, Spectrum. Spectrum is one of the largest ISPs in the nation, and is now offering mobile phone service to it’s customers.

Spectrum Mobile is only available to current Spectrum Internet customers, and is very similar in price and plan offerings to Xfinity Mobile.

For the network infrastructure, Spectrum is not constructing it’s own cell towers to run Spectrum Mobile. In fact, Spectrum Mobile will operate as an MVNO on the Verizon Wireless Network. In addition, Spectrum supplements the connectivity of Verizon’s towers with Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots located around the country. One of the value-adds of Spectrum Mobile is that their unlimited plan is priced very reasonably, with the drawback being that you have to have Spectrum Internet.

If you don’t have Spectrum Internet, then you’re not eligible for Spectrum Mobile. However, you can call Spectrum at (855) 650-4212 to sign up for Internet.

Is Spectrum Mobile right for you? Let’s take a look at their plans and pricing, as well as a little background.

Spectrum Mobile Plans

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CarrierPlan NameFeaturesMonthly Price
Sprint Sprint Unlimited Basic
  • Stream DVD-quality video at 480p, no overage charges
  • 500MB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot
  • Unlimited international texts from US to 185+ countries

$60 /mo

Get Plan

What is Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO on the Verizon Wireless Network, which is owned by Spectrum, one of the nation’s largest internet service providers. Spectrum also uses a nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots to supplement the Verizon cellular network.

Spectrum Mobile offers two types of plans: an unlimited talk, text, and data plan, and a plan priced by how much data you use per month, by the gig.

How Does Spectrum Mobile Work?

Spectrum Mobile works just like most other carriers work, specifically Verizon. If you have Spectrum Mobile, you’ll get virtually the same experience as you would if you had Verizon Wireless service.

The caveats of Spectrum Mobile are:

  • You must be a current subscriber of Spectrum Internet service
  • Spectrum Mobile will use Wi-Fi hotspots where available

How Much Does Spectrum Mobile Cost?

Spectrum Mobile plans are priced between $14 per month to $45 per month for one line of service.

The 1GB By The Gig Plan will get customers unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of data for $14 per month for one line. It should be noted that Spectrum Mobile rounds up, so if you use just 10MB or 20MB over your 1GB data allotment, then you’ll be charged another $14 for 2GB of usage.

The Unlimited Plan costs $45 per month for one line, and offers unlimited data, talk, and text. However, data speeds may be slowed once you reach 20GB of 4G LTE data usage per month. However, the vast amount of Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots across the country help you use less of your 4G LTE cellular data limit.

Does Spectrum Mobile Require a Contract?

You can cancel your Spectrum Mobile cell phone service within 30 days of the next billing cycle. However, you’ll still be liable for any potential device payments you may have committed to under a phone installment plan.

For all intents and purposes, Spectrum Mobile plans are no contract.

Which Phones Does Spectrum Mobile Offer?

At the time of this review, Spectrum Mobile offers the Sasung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Google Pixel 3a, Samsung Galaxy Note9, LG K40, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Spectrum Mobile also now offers the Apple iPhone. The models it offers are the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

Should You Use Spectrum Mobile?

Well, the first thing you should decide is whether or not you want Spectrum Internet service. If you do not currently have Spectrum Internet service, or plan on signing up for it, then you will not be able to get Spectrum Mobile. If you are a current Spectrum Mobile customer, then this new carrier may be a decent choice for you. A similar plan from Verizon would cost around $80, but you can get it from Spectrum Mobile for just $45 for one line. The By The Gig plan option is also a great inexpensive plan for people who don’t use a lot of data.

Can You Cancel Your Spectrum Mobile Plan?

Yes, you can cancel your Spectrum Mobile plan if you so desire. There are no cancellation fees, but there might be a $35 phone restocking fee.

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