This week in Android: The Galaxy Fold returns, plus K20 Pro and Mi 9T reviews

Summertime is usually slow for Android news, but this week there were a few interesting stories. It might sound like old news at this point, but Samsung announced that the Galaxy Fold’s design flaws have been fixed, and it’s set for release in September. Not to be outdone, Huawei’s CEO was spotted in an airport with the Mate X in what was totally not a planned event.

We also got our first look at the Asus ROG Phone 2, which sports some seriously impressive specs and some suspiciously Switch-like accessories. If the Chinese prices are anything to go by it won’t break the bank, either. We also heard about a follow up to one of the most disappointing devices of last year, the Red Hydrogen 2.

As for reviews, we gave our thoughts on the value-king Redmi K20 Pro, the excellent mid-range Xiaomi Mi 9T, and the eye catching Realmi 3i. If you’re looking for something more affordable, check out our hands-on of the sub-200 dollar Motorola Moto E6.

Here are the top 10 Android stories of the week

  • Redmi K20 Pro review: Is this the best affordable flagship? — Blazing fast performance at a great price, what’s not to like! 
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T review: Probably the best mid-ranger right now — We take a look at Xiaomi’s Mi 9T to determine if it truly is the best mid-ranger.
  • Asus made a Nintendo Switch and I’m not even mad — Asus’ ROG Kunai Gamepad is effectively a Nintendo Switch, and you know what? I love it.
  • Realme 3i review: If a beautiful design is what you need — The latest smartphone from Realme joins the crowd of affordable phones in India.
  • How to delete yourself from the internet — Want to erase your online footprint? In this guide, we’ll help you do just that.
  • Pocophone F2 will likely have fewer features than Redmi K20 Pro and that’s okay — Here’s what could be cut from the K20 Pro for the Pocophone F2.
  • Why conference calls sound bad, and what you can do about it — Conference calls may never be something we look forward to, there are simple ways to improve them.
  • The Moto E6 debuts on Verizon Wireless for just $149, we go hands-on — This phone promises the basics: a good screen and excellent battery life.
  • Staff picks: Here are 11 things Jimmy uses every day — From a homemade standing desk to his smartwatch of choice, these are the 11 things Jimmy uses every day. 
  • Best phablets of 2019: Super-size your display with these big phones — Whether you’ve got big hands or just want more screen real estate, here are the best phablets around today.

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