Amazon’s Australian launch could be imminent, as more products are added to site

Well, it’s looking more and more likely that Amazon’s full Australian launch will happen in time for Black Friday (or maybe even Click Frenzy if they’re particularly speedy) — something which will undoubtedly be ringing alarm bells for the country’s existing retailers.

A post on the /r/Australia subreddit by Reddit user repairsalmostcomplet brings attention to a number of products that were uploaded to the site earlier on in November, none of which are ebooks — the sole product type available from the Australian version of Amazon previously.

While the products are still listed as ‘currently unavailable’, some of them are distinctly Australian, such as powerboards with Australian outlets, and could be an indicator that the online retail giant is live-testing its site for an imminent launch.

Currently, the range of available items seems to be limited to electronic products such as cables and adapters, although this is very likely to only represent a small sample of the products Amazon intends to sell in Australia, for the sake of trialling the site.

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