Best tech gifts under $25

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and while you’ve likely already started checking some names off your list, you may be struggling with ideas when it comes to that cousin, maybe a co-worker, and others that you want to show your appreciation towards this holiday but without breaking the bank. Say no more, we’ve gathered up some of the best tech gifts under $25.

All of these gifts are sure to go over well and yet won’t be too hard on your wallet at the same time. So let’s get started. 

A Media Streaming device makes that ‘dumb’ TV so much better

A media streaming device makes for a great gift in an age where more folks are forgoing traditional cable and turning to Netflix, Hulu, and other sources for their entertainment needs.

if you’re looking for tech gifts under $25, you won’t find a top-of-the-line streaming box but the original Roku Express will do the trick rather well. Sure it’s limited to 720p via HDMI, but it still offers access to all the best streaming services as well as some gaming and audio apps. 

At just $24.99, this will make a great gift for just about anyone on your holiday shopping list. 

A mobile gamepad takes gaming to a new level

Unless you know a kid with a bedroom TV craving for a better way to get access to Hulu and Netflix, media streaming devices are probably best suited for adults on your list. Looking for something that will apply to both a younger audience while still also making a great gift for adults? Consider a gamepad.

The BebonCool Bluetooth gamepad is compatible with Android devices as well as Samsung’s Gear VR headset. It can accommodate a smartphone with a screen size of up to 5.5-inches and has a built-in 400 mAh battery that’s good for five to eight hours of use.

There’s a free companion app available that serves as a guide to hundreds of games in the Play Store that are compatible with the gamepad. It will set you back $23.99 and is a fantastic present for anyone who loves playing Android games. We also highly recommend gamepads for playing classic console games from the 80s and 90s via an emulator.

Introduce someone to the wonderful world of VR

VR is one of those magical experiences that you can try to explain to someone, but until they’ve tried it for themselves — it’s really hard to understand. 

Yove’s headset is a great way to introduce people to the world of VR on a budget. It works with the majority of smartphones with screen sizes between 4.7 and 6-inches and comes with a Bluetooth controller included in the box. This includes both older (and newer) Android devices, but also works well for those over at Camp iPhone. 

The headset can be used to play VR games as well as watch 360-degree videos on services like YouTube. It has an adjustable headband, comes in black, and is super affordable — you can get it for just $12.99.

Give them the gift of more juice

If you’re looking for tech gifts under $25, you should consider a battery pack. Okay, so admittedly giving someone a powerbank … well, it’s a gift that lacks a bit of cool factor. VR opens you to a brand new immersive world, a gamepad lets you play your games at a whole new level, and a media streaming device opens your TV up to new experiences. A battery pack, it charges things.

So why consider giving one as a gift?

First, because it’s a super useful thing to have. And surprisingly, it’s something a lot of more casual users never think to buy for themselves. Who hasn’t found themselves in a situation where they need more juice to make it all the way through a day? It’s also worth considering that battery packs are going to run $20 or less in most cases, meaning you can also pair them with a nice card (or gift card), or maybe even use this is an accessory to go with a second gift. 

While we have a full list of power banks for your to check out, here we’re going to recommend just two. First, this power bank made by Anker has a capacity of 5,000 mAh and should provide at least one full charge for the majority of smartphones. It sports a tubular design and is only 10 cm tall and 3 cm wide (3.9 x 1.1 inches), so you can easily slide it into a pocket or drop it in a bag.

The PowerCore 5000 is equipped with Anker’s PowerIQ technology that provides the fastest possible charge for your device — up to 2A. It also features an LED indicator showing you how much power there’s left and comes with a travel pouch. The black variant retails for $17.99, while the blue, red, and white options can be yours for $21.99.

If you’re looking for a high-capacity power bank on a budget, the Dulla M50000 is the way to go. This 12,000 mAh battery allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, and has a bunch of safety features on board to keep you and your devices safe.

Despite its large capacity, the power bank is still compact and light enough to carry around in a bag or large pocket. It has an aluminum body for a premium look and feel and can fully charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 three times. You can get it in Silver, Black, or Rose Gold for $20.

The gift of a better audio experience



If you really want to find tech gifts under $25, audio a great place to look. Audio accessories are always great gifts, simply because I dare you to find someone out there that doesn’t like music at all. And even if you happen to find that one poor soul, they likely still enjoy a good podcast, watching YouTube videos, and other forms of entertainment where improved sound quality could come in handy. 

First let’s take a look at earbuds. The Ergo Fit earbuds offer great style, fit, and sound on a budget. They are available in nine colors and come with or without a built-in microphone.

The color-matched cord is 3.6 feet long, making it easy to listen to music when the phone is in your pocket. There are also three pairs of earpads available that will ensure a perfect fit for every ear. They might not be the best pair of earbuds out there, but they are affordable and can make a great gift for music lovers. The version with a microphone can be yours for as low as $12, while the variant without a mic starts at $8.30 — price depends on the color.

Is the person on your gift list more of a headphone user? This is another great gift for music lovers. The JVC Flats are a pair of on-ear headphones that have a minimalistic design with a slim headband and can fold flat for easy storage.

They feature 30 mm Neodymium drivers that should provide a decent sound quality and have a glossy finish on the earpieces. JVC’s headphones don’t come with a carrying case and there’s no built-in mic for taking and making calls. However, they are incredibly cheap for what they offer, as you can get them for around $14.


Looking for something a bit different? The Unicat MH-6 Headphones make for an ideal offering for kids and cosplayers alike. The unique LED-lit headphones are configured for high quality gaming or just jamming to tunes, and the bodies come in Black, Hot Pink, White, and Pink.

These headphones would normally run you $35.99, but for a limited time, Mindkoo is offering Android Authority readers 35% off from now until the end of November. That brings them down to $23.39. All you have to do is enter the coupon code 72DMDJQD when checking out.

Lastly, why not consider picking up a Bluetooth speaker? Paired with a mobile device, the AmazonBasics speaker will keep you entertained for up to eight hours before it runs out of juice. It has a Bluetooth range of 33 feet and sports buttons for playback control on the top.

It’s shockproof as well as resistant to water and dust — IP67. Thanks to its compact design and rugged body, you can easily move it around your house and even use it in the shower or outdoors. A carabiner is included in the box, making it easy to attach the speaker to your backpack and other items. It’s available in black and retails for $15, making it a perfect gift for just about anyone on your list. 

Give the gift of more space


Similar to battery packs, this isn’t a particularly sexy or ‘fun’ gift. That said, if you know someone on your list that has been complaining about a lack of space on their phone or tablet — it’s a wonderful gift and again something most people don’t think to buy themselves. 

SanDisk’s Ultra 64 GB memory card is compatible with various devices including smartphones and tablets. It has a Class 10 speed rating for capturing Full HD videos and offers transfer speeds of up to 80 MB/s.

The memory card is quite durable, as it’s shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and X-ray-proof. It comes with an SD adapter that can be used to quickly transfer files from the card to a computer. There’s also a free SanDisk Memory Zone app available, which lets you manage your photos, videos, and other files. In terms of pricing, it will set you back around $23.


Transform someone’s in-car experience with a simple mount

If one of your loved ones spends a lot of time on the road, this is the gift you should consider getting. The iOttie Easy Flex 3 is a car phone holder that comes in handy when using GPS, among other things.

This compact device features an easy one-touch mounting system and is compatible with smartphones between 2.1 and 3.1-inches wide. You can also rotate if for 360-degrees for setting up an optimal viewing angle. It comes in Black or Mint and can be yours for $17.

A ‘simple toy’ that opens up a whole new world of drones

Drones are a hell of a lot of fun for pretty much everyone – kids, adults, and those in-between. It’s also one of those things people often don’t think to buy on their own. While a truly advanced drone setup is going to set you back much more than $25, you can actually introduce someone on your gift list to the wonderful world of drones without breaking bank. Sure it’s not going to have cameras or a bunch of bells and whistles, but it will certainly be entertaining. 

The CX-10 from Cheerson has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope for a stable flight and will remain in the air for up to eight minutes before it runs out of juice.

The drone features an LED light that makes it easier to fly it at night and comes with a wireless remote control. It also has three speed modes, a low voltage alarm, and comes in four colors: blue, purple, green, and orange. Pricing starts at $15.50 and goes up to $18 — depending on the color.

If drones pique your interest and you’re looking to spend even more, be sure to check out our sibling site

Never lose your stuff again with this handy gift

I’m sure you know that person (or are that person) that loses his/her wallet, keys, purse, and everything else that isn’t nailed down on a regular basis. This is a gift for that kind of person. 

The Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate your valuable possessions. It can be attached to keys, placed in a wallet, or dropped in your bag. When you lose something, grab your smartphone, open the dedicated app, and ring the tracker with a simple tap. The Tile Mate will play a loud tune, so you’ll be able to locate the item easily.

The tracker has a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet and is resistant to water as well as dust — IP57. It can also help you find your phone. Just double press the button on the Tile Mate to make your handset ring, even if it’s in silent mode. It has a non-removable battery that should last for about a year and will set you back $24.99. For more Bluetooth tracker updates be sure to check out our full guide.

Give the gift of better fitness

Fitness trackers make for great gifts, though many of the best known options cost closer to a hundred, or even more. Don’t worry, there are affordable yet quality options out there. 

The Misfit Flash is an affordable fitness tracker that syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and shows you the distance traveled throughout the day, calories burned, and so forth.

It tracks activities including walking, running, and cycling and features 12 LED lights that show progress toward your daily activity goal. The tracker includes a band as well as a clasp, so it can be worn on your wrist, waist, sleeve, etc. It’s splashproof, has a replaceable battery that should last for about six months, and can be yours for $22.50.

Upgrade someone’s on-the-go productivity

A Bluetooth keyboard is a great accessory for smartphones and tablets and comes in handy whenever chatting online with friends, writing a report, etc. The one from Anker is extremely compact — 30 percent smaller than a typical keyboard — and works with all four major operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

The keyboard packs an 800 mAh battery that should last for up to six months before running out of juice. It automatically pairs with your last-connected device, has a key lifespan of three million clicks, and comes in white. To get it, you’ll have to dish out just $16.99.

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