Four creative ‘experiments’ showcase the potential of Google Assistant

Google is showcasing four Google Assistant apps that are part of what the company calls “Voice Experiments,” and they’re seriously awesome.

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Google already has categories like AI Experiments, Android Experiments, and Chrome Experiments to show off third-party apps that utilize Google’s apps and services to offer creative fun or inspirational tools. The search giant is adding a brand-new category called “Voice Experiments,” and it’s exactly what you think it is: apps and tools that take advantage of the Google Assistant and Google Home.

Currently there are four experiments listed, all of which are super cool (seriously, I’m geeking out hardcore right now). Without further ado, here they are:


Created by the Google Creative Lab, MixLab is essentially one large repertoire of various musical sounds. Built with the help of real musicians playing real instruments as well as software like Dialogflow and Actions on Google, it can give you beats on demand. For instance, you can ask Google, “Play me a funky bass” or “Slow it way down,” and you’re suddenly a DJ.

Mystery Animal

Mystery Animal is basically “20 Questions.” Again, with the help of Dialogflow and Actions on Google, the team has created a voice-centric game where the computer pretends to be an animal and you have to guess what it is by asking questions like “Do you have feathers?” or “Are you an insect?”

Story Speaker

This is what I’m the most excited about, quite frankly. As the name suggests, Story Speaker lets you create scenarios on a Google Doc, which is then read out loud by a Google Home. The neat thing about this is that your story can contain RPG-like choices, and each choice you make leads you to a unique scenario that you’ve written. What’s even neater is that there is absolutely no coding involved!

Meme Buddy

If you are one of those people who love making memes, this one is for you. Open the Google Assistant and say, “Talk to Meme Buddy.” Now, you can ask Meme Buddy to make you a meme using a particular photo with a particular phrase. It’s as easy as that.

Which is your favorite experiment? What kind of Voice Experiments would you like to see in the future? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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