Nerf Rival Blaster: 15% off top toy of 2017 in Toys R Us Black Friday deal

The Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Blaster is absolutely one of our favorite toys of 2017 because it’s a fully motorized, high-capacity Nerf gun. Really, it’s the Nerf blaster with the power behind it that we always wanted as a kid.

Better yet, it’s 15% off for this Nerf Rival Blaster at Toys R Us today in an early Black Friday deal, taking the price down to $84.99 for a limited amount of time. Toys R Us will actually only let you buy five before cutting you off.

Right now, this Nerf blaster costs over $100 through Amazon, where only Amazon Marketplace retailers have the Nerf gun in stock. It’s sold out through the regular Amazon deals channels, so we expect it to be a popular toy for 2017.

In fact, Toys R Us just named the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Blaster to its hot toys list, which pairs nicely with a 15% off Black Friday deal.

This pre-Black Friday deal is important because you really want two of them. There’s a red version and a blue version, and it’s a lot more fun to have a well-armed opponent instead of whaling on someone with foam balls.

There’s no telling if it’ll last long enough for a Cyber Monday 2017 deal, so we’re posting this one a little earlier than we normally would. Happy Nerfing.

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