Samsung just announced a beautiful new Burgundy Red Galaxy S8

Any list of the best-looking smartphones on the planet will probably start with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung has had praise heaped upon it all year for the redesign of its flagships and rightly so. We love how the metal and glass seem to fit together like they’re one unit. Up until now, you could grab the device is either Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, or Orchid Grey, but Samsung is giving some fans a new option.

Editor’s Pick

In its home market of South Korea, Samsung is debuting a new color for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Taking inspiration from the changing of the seasons, Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S8 in what it calls “Burgundy Red”. From the video above, you can see that Samsung obviously took some inspiration from the changing color of leaves this time of year. In addition to the rear of the device being Red, Samsung decided to color the aluminum frame and buttons which makes it look even better.

Personally, we love the look of the phone. It’s a little more understated than the Solar Red HTC U11 we saw earlier this year but still looks fantastic. Details haven’t been released about a launch outside of South Korea, but don’t hold your breath. It’s pretty late for Samsung to make a big push for the phone since it hit the market about eight months ago.

What do you think about the new Burgundy Red Samsung Galaxy S8? Do you think Samsung should make the Galaxy S9 in Red from the start? Let us know down in the comments.

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